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Sorting Out the Personality Using the MBTI Step III

A recent article by OPP, the publisher of the MBTI in the UK, titled Early Obstacles to Type Development described potential obstacles to effective type development. Indeed type theory is a developmental model and so it follows that the unfolding…

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The Art and Science of Understanding People

Why take a personality assessment?  Last week, a couple students asked me that in an interview.  There are many good reasons to take a personality assessment including increased awareness about strengths and blind spots, career development, and understanding and validating…

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Leadership and the MBTI Step III

Jane Kise has written another fabulous book. In this newest offerring, she melds together emotional intelligence, psychological type, and brain science to help you discover what matters to you and how to resonate with these values. The book begins by…

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MBTI Step III for DVAPT/Next Step a Video?

The MBTI Step III was the final piece of Isabel Myers' dream to help people be at their best: to know their strengths and to to effectively work on their developmental challenges.  The Step III instrument was first published in…

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MBTI Step III: Why Go There?

What is the practical value of the MBTI Step III given that there are so many personality assessment tools on the market, including the MBTI Step I and II?   What is to be gained by using this tool over…

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MBTI Step III in a Nutshell

Many people have encountered the MBTI either at work, at a career center, or in counseling.  Several online tests incorporate MBTI principles.  The MBTI I describes the broad strokes of an individual personality with the goal of identifying people with…

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