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Psychological Type Instruments/MBTI Master Practitioner

The psychological type  instruments are based on principles identified by Carl Jung and applied by Isabel Briggs and Katherine Myers among others.  Type is a roadmap for personal development.  It’s important to identify what might be natural for you but that is just the beginning.  You are expected to change and mature.  I can help you identify developmental goals. A surprising number of people have been mistyped because they haven’t worked with a skilled practitioner to verify their type results.  As highly experienced Master Practitioner,  I can help you clarify your personality type.




Type Coach/Type Coach for Sales People

This is an online psychological type assessment tool that verifies your type and helps you understand the top five ways to be most effective given what your type means. Beyond this, Type Coach offers leadership training videos, tips for how to communicate with others based on your type and theirs to maximize effectiveness, and coaching videos to help you act on what you learn.  Type Coach also offers a report to specifically help sales people leverage their personality and account for blind spots in a sales role. 





Click here for my MBTI Step III brochure.  The most recent tool in the MBTI arsenal, the MBTI Step III is a personalized, point in time assessment that examines how effectively you are using your unique qualities/strengths and meeting the developmental challenges of your personality type. The result is an interpretive report that generates descriptive statements in simple, everyday language. The idea is to promote even more meaningful discussion between you, the client, and me, your coach.




About Ann C. Holm

Ann C. Holm is a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach who will help you develop your strengths while accounting for blind spots. More than flashes of insight, Ann will help you build and sustain new neural pathways to truly uncover your potential.

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“I used PQ reps to focus myself before speaking at an IT Security Strategy conference” -Felix Asare, Cybersecurity Officer

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