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In addition to working with clients, I maintain an active presence in my professional community. Below are selected publications to help you get to know me better.

For Coaches

White Papers

White paper for Brain Energy and Bandwidth The digital age seemingly appeared—and exploded—out of nowhere. This new era arrived absent any guidelines, strategies, or manuals. Suddenly we were immersed in it and the rules evolved organically, largely driven by newly-formed habits that were not deliberate but reactive.  This white paper is the culmination of a 2 year project with my colleague Dr. Jane Kise examining this phenomenon.  I invite you to examine our findings in this report titled The Brain Energy and Bandwidth Quiz: Origins; Validity; Effects of Personality, Gender, and Generations; and Uses. 

Book on this subject due in June 2021!

MBTI Step III: A Case Study
A case study on MBTI Step III in video format.

“Tapping Into Positive Psychology Using the MBTI Assessment,” Bulletin of Psychological Type
Positive psychology focuses primarily on helping people identify and build on their unique strong points. The MBTI assessment is a great tool to help delve into this psychology further.

“MBTI Step II Facets: Neuroplasticity and the Adaptable Brain,” Bulletin of Psychological Type
I discuss how type and type theory work given the fact that humans are dynamic, changing individuals.

Open for Business Column, St. Paul Pioneer Press
Open for Business profiles local business owners and interviews them to learn more about where the idea came from, how it’s financed, what success means, and what the business does.

Emotional Intelligence and the Social Brain
In this webinar Lisa Griebel, principal of Crescendo, Inc., and I discuss assertions from some psychologists that pro-social behaviors are more critical than food or drink, and what this could mean for emotional intelligence.

For Clients, Creatives

“Maximize Your Creative Energy,” Smashing Magazine (Germany)
Smashing Magazine is a prominent web design and development publication for professionals. I wrote about how this group of highly creative individuals can maximize this energy to do their best work.

Happy Mondays Podcast (England)
I was the featured guest discussing type, coaching and the brain on this weekly podcast. As Happy Mondays puts it: “Ann Holm is a personality expert and helps people get on with their own genius.”

A Review of Meddle One
Written by Pete Forde, this is a delightful summary of the first Meddle. A Meddle, according to its website, is “a unique gathering of brilliant people, invited to come together and tackle a specific issue. The issue can be anything, in any field, on any scale.”

Keys to Developing High Performing Sales Teams:  (Webinar) How do you develop a sales team to be effective given the demands of the 21st century?  This webinar was co-hosted by The Logistics of Logistics , a digital marketing and training company for 3PL sales.

Personality and Sales  As a guest on The Logistics of Logistics podcast.  (June 2018) .   Strengths and blind spots matter in the world of sales.

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