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I want you to uncover your potential and leverage who you are by looking at these 3 key elements: your personality, your emotional intelligence, and keeping your brain sharp.  I am a certified coach and consultant that specializes in defining your strengths and accounting for your blind spots.  I am also an MBTI Master Practitioner with a subspecialty in interpreting the MBTI Step III, a highly personalized roadmap in personality development.  Emotional intelligence is the piece that rounds out how we use our our personality.  Can we read a situation and react appropriately? Likewise it’s important to understand how the brain works so you can bring your best possible game to every situation.  I have studied the brain for over 35 years, first as a speech pathologist and now as an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified coach. My hands-on experience applying the principles of brain science helps motivate clients to reach higher by getting to know their most important asset more intimately.

Discovering your unique value to a customer or employer and consistently bringing your best self to the table, will result in more quality opportunities that will not only make you stand out, it will energize and engage you as well.

My tool kit

I use the MBTI Steps I, II, and III to help you understand your unique personality. I offer the EQi and the EQi 360 to uncover additional personal insights by revealing how your emotional intelligence affects your work, motivation, communication, and relationships. Read more about these and learn about the other tools I have in my arsenal.

Staying current

You may notice that the brain is a hot topic in the news. That’s because significant findings are discovered almost every day.  It’s important to keep up with this so I regularly attend conferences and read whatever I can to stay current with the newest findings. Please feel free to visit my Blog, where I write about what I’m seeing, hearing, and learning. You can also learn more about the Workshops and Group Coaching that I do, or check out how I conduct individual sessions.

If you’re a coach, I also have a special resource for you. I partner with Dr. Jane Kise on a certification in Intentional Leadership, which gives you an additional tool for your own coaching kit.

If you have any questions, I’m always happy to hear from you and answer them. Please contact me anytime!

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