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According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, individuals will hold 12-15 jobs in a lifetime.  In order to successfully navigate these challenges, you will flexibility, self-awareness, and mental muscle.  I partner with you to:

Increase Self-Awareness.  Build Mental Muscle.

  • Self-awareness is a 21st century must-have skill.   You need to know yourself and know how others see you.
  • Manage your brain energy.  Strengthen your mental fitness.  Know how you stand in your own way by judging yourself, others, and circumstances resulting in wasted energy and negative emotions. Build grit.

Build a Strong and Cohesive Team

Self-awareness is other-awareness. When we take the time to appraise ourselves, we are really making ourselves easier to work and live with. However, according to the Harvard Business Review (October 2015), we really are not very self-aware, especially at work.  I offer engaging workshops and team building sessions that will help participants become intra- and interpersonally aware, leading to improved effectiveness as a team.

How I Uncover Your Potential

My latest podcast with Joe Lynch discusses in detail how I seek to uncover your potential.

My tool kit

  • All coaching engagements include a foundational program that improves mental muscle.  Even though our self-awareness is revealed through deep insights gained in coaching, we often do not have the mental fitness to make the changes we know we need to make stick.   At no extra cost to you, I offer the Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Program  that will help you build your mental muscle while you are working toward achieving your goals.
  • I use the MBTI Steps I, II, and III to help you understand your unique personality. I offer the EQi and the EQi 360 to uncover additional personal insights by revealing how your emotional intelligence affects your work, motivation, communication, and relationships.  Read more about these and learn about the other tools I have in my arsenal.

I Stay Current So I Can Bring You the Latest

You may notice that the brain is a hot topic in the news. That’s because significant findings are discovered almost every day.  It’s important to keep up with this so I regularly attend conferences and read whatever I can to stay current with the newest findings. Please feel free to visit my Blog, where I write about what I’m seeing, hearing, and learning.  I am a sought after podcast guest so please enjoy the many self-development topics I discuss.

If you have any questions, I’m always happy to hear from you and answer them. Please contact me anytime!

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