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Saboteurs: How You Sabotage Yourself When Trying to Sell or Run a Small Business

* Saboteur type comes from the book, Positive Intelligence: Why Only 20% of Teams and Individuals Achieve Their True Potential and How You Can Achieve Yours
* You deploy certain strategies that have been with you since you were very young, that you used to navigate your life.
* The strategies helped you meet three basic needs: independence, acceptance, and security by asserting, earning, or avoiding. They become a hindrance rather than a useful strategy as you become an adult and your life becomes complex.

Understand How Your Customer Thinks

Knowing the varying temperaments will assist in understanding the differences between how people think. It’s easy to remember, and the tips are immediately helpful.  All customers think differently; however, knowing temperament will give you a basic feel for their you can successfully adjust your approach.

5 Ways 3PL Sales Have Changed

I was a guest on The Logistics of Logistics podcast with Joe Lynch discussing the 5 ways 3PL (third-party logistics) sales have changed, along with plenty of advice on how to deal with these changes.  How do you position yourself for success in the 21st century in this sector?

Sales Personality     How do you approach sales from lead to close?  This podcast  provides insight on the importance of sales personalities and how to communicate with the different types.  Key takeaways:

  • Knowing the sales personalities of your team is invaluable.
  • Communication needs to be adjusted between different personality types.

Sponsored by The Logistics of Logistics and Jo Lynch.

Happy Mondays Podcast (England)
I was the featured guest discussing type, coaching and the brain on this weekly podcast. As Happy Mondays puts it: “Ann Holm is a personality expert and helps people get on with their own genius.”

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