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It’s time to make your mental bandwidth work for you.

Being a leader, educator, or influencer in today’s world is stressful. Innovative, exceptional leaders must constantly shift gears to stay on top of the newest initiatives and the needs of their organization.

The coaching & consulting in my Bandwidth service line provides practical tools and strategies. I work to train your mental muscles with tactics designed to reduce stress, avoid burnout, and regain the time that gets lost to interruptions, temptations, competing demands, and task-switching.

Bandwidth services combine the latest neuroscience research with my own extensive experience working with organizations to bring the most effective strategies and habits to help you manage your mental bandwidth and prioritize drains on mental energy.

When you can establish good habits, focus on what’s possible within your locus of control, and balance priorities, you can improve your bandwidth and feel more engaged, centered, and effective in your work.

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What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the energy that powers the prefrontal cortex of the brain—the center of executive function. This small area of the brain uses a tremendous amount of energy. We need that energy to make good decisions, focus on cognitively demanding tasks, be patient and empathetic, and engage in necessary self-care, such as eating well. You can increase the amount of “bandwidth” you have using specific behaviors, similar to how you can increase fuel capacity by installing a bigger fuel tank in your car. However, use up bandwidth for one of the above functions and you’ll be running on empty for the others.

Client Raves

I really loved my session on Educator Bandwidth! It was such useful information and I felt lighter over the weekend because I was able to sit with other educators that had the same feelings and talk about ways to take better care of ourselves, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I think this course helps us be our best selves in and outside of the classroom

Take the Bandwidth Survey

Professional development experts Jane A. G. Kise and Ann Holm have developed the Brain Energy and Bandwidth Survey to help you self-assess the six key factors that contribute to bandwidth:

  • Balance between priorities
  • Filtering through possibilities
  • Mental habits that improve focus
  • Physical habits that fuel the brain
  • Connection with others
  • Workload and time management
Order Educator Bandwidth

Educators and other professionals have already reserved thousands of copies ahead of the July 2022 release. Based on trends we began to notice in as early as 2015, this book is not about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on educators  and other professionals.  It reveals the factors that already contributed to compromised brain bandwidth and what to do about it.  It is an invitation to evaluate your brain bandwidth habits and those of your organization in a way that is constructive and practical.

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