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Coaching Services to Help You Adapt & Thrive

I am Ann C. Holm, a Professional Certified Coach who will help you develop your strengths while accounting for blind spots. More than flashes of insight, I will help you build and sustain new neural pathways to truly uncover your potential.

Get Insights & Sustainable Results

People often get in their own way, resulting in harsh judgments of themselves, others, and circumstances. Energy is wasted in this cycle of self-sabotage even though it can even feel like you must behave this way to be effective. The solution? Self-awareness and mental fitness.  

You will see that reaching your true potential can be boiled down to these two factors. Being self-aware and mentally fit can empower you to be flexible with your behavior, communicate with influence, and lead effectively. As an experienced coach, I can lead you through the process.  I will provide you with coaching and mental conditioning to support your best self, leading to increased confidence, peak performance, and enhanced life satisfaction .

Personal & Business Coaching Services

I offer a self-study program called Positive Intelligence that yields outstanding results when combined with traditional self-awareness coaching. Whether you’re looking to develop yourself, a team, or your organization, I can help you lock in your personal and professional goals.

Benefits of Ann Holm Professional Coaching Services

When you sign up for coaching and training, you’ll receive:

  • A profound understanding and acceptance of your strengths and weaknesses, which will help you make life-altering changes.
  • A roadmap to help you develop your personality.
  • A simple but intensive self-study practice allowing your brain to make new connections that stick supporting all of your coaching goals.

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According to the Harvard Business Review:

“Even though self-awareness — knowing who we are and how we’re seen — is important for job performance, career success, and leadership effectiveness, it’s in remarkably short supply in today’s workplace. In our nearly five-year research program on the subject, we’ve discovered that although 95% of people think they’re self-aware, only 10 to 15% actually are.”

HBR, October 19, 2018.

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“One of the many benefits I have gotten from the positive intelligence program is I learned how to control the anxious feelings I get when I feel anxiety coming on.  When I get those anxious feelings I do a few PQ Reps and that allows me to take them out of my mind and focus on something on the outside.”  (Jeff Graves, CFO at Freight Tec)

“Ann’s feedback/material is something I will be thinking about often and find ways to incorporate it into my career. Another plus about Ann is that each session we had didn’t feel rushed. Would recommend for anyone looking to improve in sales or business.” (Jonathan Kish, Logistics client)

” I’ve taken a number of personal assessments, but this is the first time that I have walked away thinking it was fully me and not just me in general terms.” (Mark Hartmann, Hired Client, MBTI Step II/III).

“We received rave reviews about your training. Some were surprised that the training was so much fun! Your expertise clearly made this training a valuable learning experience.”(Gail Krieg, Minnesota Department of Labor)

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