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Mental fitness leads to peak performance. It is a 21st century must have skill. Just like physical fitness, you can deliberately build your mental muscle to help you reach your goals and achieve an enhanced sense of well-being.

For instance, if you go to the gym hoping to lift a certain amount of weight, it will be difficult unless you have trained for that level of challenge. Likewise, if you have goals in your work an/or personal life, you need to build mental strength in order to reach those targets! Much of coaching and training leads to insights that are powerful but tend to fade quickly.  Sustainable results also require mental fitness

I offer a daily self-study program (at no extra cost) that coupled with traditional self-awareness coaching, yields outstanding results. This state of the art coaching program is cost effective and available to individual or groups, or as a part of an overall organizational development plan.

LINKS: Want to learn more? Please go to the Positive Intelligence website to explore your own mental fitness. Take the  Saboteurs  and the PQ Score assessments. Both are free and are full of information!  After that, schedule a complimentary consultation with me to go over your results. Mental fitness is a key component of any coaching that I offer because it is so critical for optimal results. I look forward to helping you on this journey toward mental mastery.








“I used PQ reps to focus myself before speaking at an IT Security Strategy conference” -Felix Asare, Cybersecurity Officer 

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