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Building influence requires well-developed communication skills and a sense of how others prefer to receive and analyze information. We’re all different in this regard, so it’s important to be able to quickly recognize and identify different personalities.

Once you’ve identified a person’s personality, you can then know how to communicate effectively based on your training. This online class does just that!

This Course is a Rare 2-for-1 Value! How it Works

First, you’ll take the personality-type assessment, Type Coach, to uncover YOUR communication style. Type Coach is an instrument similar to Myers-Briggs (MBTI), but it’s interactive rather than a questionnaire. You’ll learn about yourself as you take the assessment!

After completing the Type Coach assessment, you’ll use the findings to learn how to influence others by watching videos of real people answering the same set of questions.   This highly interactive experience will help you see how your communication style can either bridge with or clash with the individuals featured in the course videos.  This course will teach you:

  • The secret to improved communication (How to talk to successful business people like Warren Buffett, Richard Branson, and others)
  • How to identify temperament types and tips for communicating with each one
  • Hot tips for increasing communication and influence by using temperament tactics
  • And much more!

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The videos of real people answering questions about how they think helped me sharpen my eye about how people are different.  I went back on these videos several times and related them to people I know and work with.  It was really valuable!”  Jordan Williams Operations Manager at Freight-Tec

About Ann C. Holm

Ann C. Holm is an MBTI Master Practitioner who will help you develop your strengths while accounting for blind spots. More than flashes of insight, Ann will teach you how to spot personality and temperament differences so you can close the communication gap.

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