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Presenting an all-day workshop on type.

Presenting an all-day workshop on type.

Type Coach

It has been said that the brain needs at least three exposures to content to truly understand and use what is presented. Type Coach workshops incorporate online interactive pre-learning for participants, followed by an in-person session to carry the concepts further. I provide post-learning material after the workshop for participants to continue their learning and practically apply the ideas we’ve discussed. Type Coach workshops are a new way to present personality concepts without using a questionnaire. The result is a highly engaging experience.

Using the model developed in the UK for Virgin Care:

  • Participants explore psychological type concepts and verify their MBTI type prior to the workshop.
  • An individually designed workshop is then delivered so that participants can apply the concepts to their specific needs of their team.
  • Post-learning online material solidifies the learning so that what has been presented truly sticks with the participants.


How is your MBTI Type different from someone who shares the same type? What does this mean for your personal development and your interaction with team members? Take a deeper dive into personality type using the MBTI Step II.

In this workshop participants will learn:

  • How they can leverage nuances in their personality to be increasingly effective in communication, managing change, conflict resolution and decision making
  • How to effectively “bridge” with other members of a team
  • Practical ways to develop one’s own personality

The Step II is the gold standard for helping individuals truly understand the nuances of type and what it means for self and team dynamics.

Intentional Leadership

Learn to focus your strengths, identify the most important priorities for your current role, and achieve your goals.

Intentional leaders focus not only on what they plan to accomplish, but how they will lead others to get there. This workshop guides you through a transformative process you’ll repeatedly return to when facing new goals—a process that incorporates who you are, the team you’re leading, and a clear destination.

Dr. Jane Kise and I design each workshop around these objectives:

  • Understanding the 12 Lenses of Leadership – to prioritize research-based leadership roles
  • Identifying Jungian type (MBTI®) – to understand leadership strengths, blind spots and strategies
  • Assessing Emotional Intelligence (EQi™) – for deeper awareness of competencies with the human side of leadership: motivating, communicating, building trust and more
  • Working individually with a coach before and after the workshop to tie it all together
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