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Positive Intelligence Workshop, Auckland, New Zealand 2018

Positive Intelligence Workshops to Understand How You Sabotage Yourself and Others:

Positive Intelligence Workshop includes interpretation of the Positive Intelligence Assessment and its many applications.

Participants will:

  • Identify the specific ways they get in their own way known as the Judge and Saboteur
  • Why they have the same conflicts over and over with others and what to do about it
  • Strategies to engage their Sage brain rather than the Judge and Saboteur

MBTI Workshops for Leadership, Communication and Employee Engagement

Participants will learn:

  • What their individual personality preferences are through reliable verification exercises
  • How their personality preference impacts their relationships at work and home
  • What type of information they know like and trust
  • How the degree of structure can either energize or deplete them
  • How to manage conflict within a team

Type Coach Workshops for Leadership, Communication or Sales

It has been said that the brain needs at least three exposures to content to truly understand and use what is presented.

Type Coach workshops will:

  • Incorporate online interactive pre-learning for participants, followed by an in-person session to carry the concepts further. Type Coach workshops are a new way to present personality concepts without using a questionnaire. The result is a highly engaging experience.

Using the model developed in the UK for Virgin Care:

  • Participants explore psychological type concepts and verify their MBTI type prior to the workshop.
  • An individually designed workshop is then delivered so that participants can apply the concepts to their specific needs of their team.
  • Reports and focus can be on leadership, communication  or sales.


How is your MBTI Type different from someone who shares the same type? What does this mean for your personal development and your interaction with team members? Take a deeper dive into personality type using the MBTI Step II.

In this workshop participants will learn:

  • How they can leverage nuances in their personality to be increasingly effective in communication, managing change, conflict resolution and decision making
  • How to effectively “bridge” with other members of a team
  • Practical ways to develop one’s own personality

The Step II is the gold standard for helping individuals truly understand the nuances of type and what it means for self and team dynamics.



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