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Leadership and the MBTI Step III

Janes bookJane Kise has written another fabulous book. In this newest offerring, she melds together emotional intelligence, psychological type, and brain science to help you discover what matters to you and how to resonate with these values.

The book begins by the reader choosing 10 areas that matter most out of 40 possible options (each one is described). Just a few of my 10 choices were adaptability, mentoring and challenge. Next, these choices are assigned to one of 12 lenses of leadership. For example, adaptability fell into the Planning vs. Flexibility lens. Each chapter explores a lens and shows the reader what optimal use of that lens looks like and what underuse and overuse looks like. Practical suggestions to sharpen that lens are then offered.

I also noticed that the book has some useful connections to my MBTI Step III assessment.   For example, mentoring was one of my values but one can over mentor by offering too many suggestions or by trying to prescribe a path for someone else that fits with my vision.   The suggestion on my MBTI Step III was, “Be sure those individuals need or want this advice.”

Yes true!  ENFPs are full of possibilities, and they often see the potential in others before anyone else.  The key is encourage the path but not dictate the path.  As my daughter once said, “Slow down on those ideas, Mom.  It’s like being in a batting cage but the balls keep coming before I’ve had a chance to swing at anything.’

Intentional Leadership is not only a good read like all of Jane Kise’s books.  It’s a resource to help you optimize your leadership style.


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