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Wall Street Journal: Using the MBTI for Career Planning

The April 22, 2010 issue of the Wall Street Journal profiled the use of the MBTI in career planning: It seems that this old classic is still pertinent even today. I will have to write a comment to the paper to let them know there is now a MBTI Step III, an instrument that is highly individualized and particularly useful in jump starting a coaching or counseling dialogue.  It can be an excellent tool  for  effectively navigating a career path.

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  1. I will check this out as I get ready to take the MBTI to about 40 students at Winona State-Rochester this weekend. I also used MBTI results this morning with a client looking to make a job move. It always increases awareness and even brings some a-has to previously misunderstood behavior or choices. Keep preaching the good ‘type’ word, Ann!

  2. The link to the April 22, 2010 issue is not working. Can you send the direct link for the same?

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