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MBTI Step III for DVAPT/Next Step a Video?

Some of the participants from the “MBTI Step III in Nutshell” presented at the DVAPT. Thank you to meeting hosts Kathy Myers and Cindy Stengel Paris.

The MBTI Step III was the final piece of Isabel Myers’ dream to help people be at their best: to know their strengths and to to effectively work on their developmental challenges.  The Step III instrument was first published in June of 2009 and it quickly distinguished itself as an effective tool for coaching and counseling.  The calculations that are used to generate the report are complex, but the report itself is written in easy to understand language. Dialogue is the centerpiece of the Step III process.

Recently, I gave a morning workshop at the Delaware Valley Association for Psychological Type (DVAPT) on the MBTI Step III.   I was very grateful to receive this invitation from hosts Katherine Myers and Cindy Stengel Paris. The interest in the Step III was high and participants came from many areas to learn more about the instrument.

I started out by giving a slide show on the story of the Step III.  How was it constructed? What was the rationale behind the assessment?  Then I provided a hypothetical case example to set the stage for the a real life example, a client who had taken the assessment twice.   The curious crowd had many questions about the Step III which added greatly to the morning.

The final segment of the workshop was the real highlight though.  Bringing in my own Step III assessment, I asked Cindy to be me so I could actually show what the Step III looked like in a demonstration.  That is when the Step III really came alive.  For openers, Cindy did a great job showing how the dialogue could unfold from a client’s perspective.  She made it easy for me to demonstrate how a clinician could use the various Step III statements to bring about increased self-awareness, new perspectives, and energy for personal growth.  It was a very authentic portrayal of a Step III interpretive session, a great way to wrap up an energizing morning in Philadelphia!

Anyway, after the presentation, Kathy Myers stated that our demonstration brought to life what Isabel Myers hand in mind when she envisioned a tool for type development and positive personal growth.   You can’t imagine how I felt when I received that feedback from her.  I went in with the hope she would feel that I accurately portrayed the intent of the Step III. Thanks to the incredible help from Cindy, we really showed our workshop participants the enormous potential of the MBTI Step III.

So now… I think a video would be a perfect next step.  Why not show a larger audience what we did at the DVAPT?   Your thoughts?

NOTE: If you wish to view the slides from the presentation, click here DVAPT Step III in a Nutshell

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