December 18, 2014

Uncover Your Potential Featured in the St. Paul Pioneer Press

Identifying your unique personal qualities is a key factor in maximizing potential.  The challenging part is to find out how you can parlay these characteristics into behaviors that are actually going to yield improved competence, a better job, or general life satisfaction.   I was honored to have the St. Paul Pioneer Press feature me in their “Open for Business” section in the April 11, 2010 paper.   In this article, I  describe how I address both of these factors.  First, there are self-discovery tools that help to identify these qualities.  One that is unique to my business is the newly released Myers-Briggs Step III instrument which is a highly personalized indicator of where your strengths and developmental challenges appear to be right now. I also use other tools including a personal interview to find out what is on your mind.  Once this is known, it is important to develop strategies to make your goals a reality.  That is where the challenge is because it is in that phase that we suffer set backs and self-doubts.  That is where a life coach can be very useful.

Ann C. Holm featured in the Saint Paul Pioneer Press Open for Business April 11, 2010 column (PDF)


  1. norma czajka says:

    just printed out the article from the pioneer i will take it down stairs and read it.

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