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5 Ways To Make Your Goals Easier to Reach

Making your goals easier to reach can be enhanced by keeping a few principles in mind.    In a recent seminar on forming new behaviors, Dr. George F. Koob stated that, "Trying not to do something will make you constantly think…

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Willpower as a Key to Goal Attainment

Willpower actually has three faces, according to Kelly Mc Gonigal,  author of the Willpower Instinct.  There is "I Will Power",  "I Won't Power" and "I Want Power."  Every willpower challenge requires doing something difficult, or taking a path that is…

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7 Interesting Facts About Memory

Yesterday, I attended a day long seminar on memory.  Professor Craig E. L. Stark, an engaging and immensely knowledgeable presenter, packed in an incredible amount of information into that time period. It is regrettable that it was only 6 hours…

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