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Dr. Jane Kise

holm-kiseDr. Kise and I collaborate on several projects and often co-facilitate workshops. Some of these include workshops and content creation based on her book Intentional Leadership: 12 Lenses for Focusing Strengths, Managing Weaknesses, and Achieving Your Purpose.  In addition, we have created content for developing emotional intelligence skills.  We have also created a validated survey that will help individuals and businesses maximize their brain energy given the demands of the 21st-century workplace.  In June 2021, we will be submitting the manuscript for our book Bandwidth: The Key to Energy, Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Engagement for Every Educator.  You can learn more about Dr. Kise at




Joe Lynch at the Logistics of Logistics

Joe Lynch has built a digital marketing and sales training firm that works exclusively with transportation, and logistics companies. He is also the host of the highly engaging podcast The Logistics of Logistics.  Joe is a former 3PL general manager who found his true calling in helping others maximize their sales using 21st-century strategies and tools. A former client, Joe and I now partner on the coaching and training aspects of his LOL business which offers digital marketing, websites, and 3PL sales training.  I am a frequent guest on the LOL podcast bringing the people development focus to his logistics clients.   You can learn more about Joe at The Logistics of Logistics or visit Joe’s Logistics of Logistics Linkedin group with 94,000 members and growing!




Mike Temple at Temple Executive Coaching

Mike Temple is the founder of Temple Executive Coaching. Mike has worked with small to medium-size business owners in the logistics and franchise industries for 10+ years. As a past business owner himself, he has honed a unique skill in the art of helping business leaders craft their true vision. With this background, deep industry knowledge, and vast experience, Mike works with business owners and CEOs as a leadership and strategy adviser. He helps them solve various leadership problems such as defining the organization’s vision, mission, and values while identifying key issues holding the company back from achieving their definition of success.  My role at Temple Executive Coaching is to provide Leadership and Employee Engagement coaching as an overall part of an organizational development focus.  You can learn more about Mike and the work we do together at Temple Executive Coaching.




Coaching Services to Help You Adapt & Thrive

Ann C. Holm is a Professional Certified Coach who will help you develop your strengths while accounting for blind spots. More than flashes of insight, Ann will help you build and sustain new neural pathways to truly uncover your potential.

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