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Understanding MBTI Type: The Personality Puzzle

Understanding personal strengths and cognitive style  is an important part of being effective in our work, relationships, and communication.  There are many tools and instruments that can be used to measure these strengths and preferences.  Some measures, such as the…

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The Blue Zen Brain (INFJ/INTJ)

There are many intriguing findings in The Neuroscience of Personality, Dr. Dario Nardi's book that reveals neural correlates associated with psychological type and personality. The macro or whole brain data are particularly interesting because they describe an overall  brain state.…

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Type Opposites: ISTJ Meets ENFP

One of the programs I attended at the APTi 2011 conference today was called Learning From Introverted and Extraverted Sensors. The presenter, Wendy Horikoshi, led the group through a variety of exercises demonstrating the difference between sensing and intuition. Although…

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