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Breaking Through Diversity Barriers in Business

Workplace diversity is a particularly relevant topic in business today. Although there are multiple benefits a diversified workforce brings to a company, how these initiatives are actually achieved can be elusive. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with…

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Do You Have Reduced Deficit Awareness?

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review  titled Strengths Based Coaching Can Actually Weaken You was timely, given the topic I wanted discuss in my latest blog.  I tiptoed around the topic because strengths based coaching is powerful and it also…

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Emotional Intelligence and Volkswagen

Emotional intelligence is another way of describing and/or measuring habits of the mind. Emotional intelligence skills can be learned by anyone willing to first become self-aware then set goals to strengthen areas of weakness or address competencies that are out…

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The Logistics of Leadership: Beware of Your Blind Spots

Organizations, now more than ever, are facing complex and unpredictable competitive landscape, one that is filled with new, and global, aggressive competitors.  The field of logistics is no exception.  The logistics of logistics is not only driven by data and…

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Get Your Priorities Straight

Did you know…leaders are great at setting goals, but seldom set priorities. Another way to put this is that leaders far too frequently bite off more than they, or those they lead, can chew. Lack of priorities can take several…

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When Virtues Are Overdone

Are there any pure assets when it comes to personality?  Or, can certain characteristics that are generally considered to be desirable become a liability?   For instance, can the quest for excellence become paralyzing perfectionism?  Or can there be a…

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