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Mental Fitness Coaching:

  • “One of the many benefits I have gotten from the positive intelligence program is I learned how to control the anxious feelings I get when I feel anxiety coming on.  When I get those anxious feelings I do a few PQ Reps and that allows me to take them out of my mind and focus on something on the outside.”  (Jeff Graves, CFO at Freight Tec)
  • “Positive Intelligence has been great to increase mental strength. When I use PQ reps I become more focused, and less stressed. These exercises have made not only my work relationships better, but also my personal relationships. I have learned so much about myself during this process. I am so grateful!” (Operations Manager at Freight Tec)

Individual Sessions

  • Thank you so much for the time you spent with me on Tuesday. I’ve taken a number of personal assessments, but this is the first time that I have walked away thinking it was fully me and not just me in general terms (Mark Hartmann, Hired Client, MBTI Step II/III).


    • “I would like people to know about the talents of Ann Holm. I have witnessed her skills at taking MBTI data and not only help make sense of it, but present it in a manner that motivates insight and growth. I am particularly impressed that her style of providing feedback continuously keeps her client involved and does not relegate him/her to a passive role of receiving information. If you have interest in going to your next level of insight into the use of your personality as an instrument for making a difference at work and in relationships, you would benefit from Ann Holm’s coaching.”(Dr. Gregory E. Huszczo, Professor of Organizational Behavior and Development, Eastern Michigan University)


    • “As a young professional, I have demonstrated that I possess the skills necessary to be successful. I will admit that I was not sure what the MBTI-III would be able to do for me. After the feedback session with Ms. Holm, I am now a firm believer in the value of this tool. I was not surprised to find my Meyers-Briggs type to be ENTP. I am fairly predictable in this sense. What Ms. Holm was able to do for me with the Step III tool was isolate my blind spots and help formulate strategies to make me more productive.”(LT Nguyen, MD)


  • “Ann helped me to move mountains in a very short amount of time. I went to her utterly clueless and at a loss with life; after only a few sessions, she had given me valuable insights which shaped (and continue to shape) my plans for the future in a positive way. That aside, Ann is a very personable individual. She’s fun, energetic and enjoys a good laugh. I can’t recommend Ann enough.”(Paul Jackson, United Kingdom)


  • Ann is a wonderful MBTI interpreter and coach. Our organization, HIRED, works with clients seeking re-employment, often after being laid-off and uncertain about their employment prospects in the current market. Ann uses the MBTI – III to identify a client’s job search or career “blind spots” as well as re-energize and refine their search. It’s quite common for these long-term unemployed clients to land jobs within 3-6 weeks after their coaching session. Ann’s a priceless partner in our mission to serve our clients. (Brian Torkkola, Hired)


Workshops & Group Coaching

  • “Ann Holm is one of those rare personable talents that can take complex psychological concepts and relate them with open simplicity and clarity. She is an expert in her field, and presents her craft in an engaging and down right charming way. In short, she is on point, and the audiences that are fortunate to listen to her, ‘get it.’ As such, it is without hesitation that I would recommend Ann for any speaking or facilitating engagement.”(Stewart Brannen, Cleary University)


Leadership Coaching

    • “Ann is every inch a masterful coach, but more importantly, she continually seeks more knowledge to improve her ability to help clients. Our partnership benefits from her commitment to deepening her brain science background, the connections she makes among diverse content areas and applications, and her enthusiasm and drive for creating the most cutting-edge services she can deliver.”(Jane Kise, author and Intentional Leadership Framework teaching partner)


  • “We received rave reviews about your training. Some were surprised that the training was so much fun! Your expertise clearly made this training a valuable learning experience.”(Gail Krieg, Minnesota Department of Labor)


  • “We would like to thank you for the magnificent job you [and Jane Kise] did at our Truly Nolen International Convention in the Dominican Republic. The presentations and workshops were outstanding. All the participants found the material very interesting, helpful and appropriate for all the different cultures [representing 28 countries] in the meeting.”
    (Jose Lutz, CEO of Truly Nolen) 




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