Effective personal development is knowing where you are now, and where you need to go next. Do you know your strengths and blind spots?  What drives and energizes you? Whether you are trying to become a strong leader, develop your career, or maximize your potential in other areas of your life, self-awareness followed by intentional goal setting is important . That’s just the beginning.

The world is changing rapidly and managing your brain energy is a 21st century must-have skill. My background includes 25 years of applied brain science, and I use my hands on experiences to help my coaching clients understand how to stay focused, be engaged, and replenish their cognitive energy.

My approach is collaborative, thoughtful and upbeat.  I can help you look through multiple lenses as you seek to reach your goals. I work with individuals, teams, and large groups and enjoy working with international clients too.  As an International Coaching Federation certified coach, I can help you:

-Understand yourself as a leader and set intentional goals
-Develop your personality
-Understand and expand your emotional intelligence skills
-Maximize your brainpower
-Build a strong and cohesive team
-Find a purpose/internal driver in your career or reintegrate current skills into a new career

For more information on what coaches do, see this ICF FAQ link.

One unique personality assessment I use is the MBTI Step III.  I have been using it since 2009, and have done more of these than any other Step III practitioner worldwide according to the scoring center at CAPT.  For more information on this specialized assessment tool, please download the  MBTI Step III Brochure

Also take my Brain Energy and Bandwidth Quiz, an engaging conversation starter about your brain. Find out how you are using the 4 F’s of Brain Energy and Bandwidth: Fueling your brain, Focusing your attention, Filtering information and choices and avoiding brain Flood, or cognitive overload.

Personal development is a multi-faceted journey. Let’s work together to help you get to know your most important assets, and learn how to account for any blind spots so that you may become truly effective in all that you do. Learn how you can change habits and adapt your environment in order to maximize your brain potential too!  Please contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation.  You may also find my ICF Credentialed Coach Profile here.