Uncover Your Potential

Many of us have skills that we are not fully leveraging.  Or we would like to reintegrate our talents in a new way. My clients have described me as a light-hearted and insightful motivator who helps others fully develop their gifts through self-knowledge, a shift in perspective, and appropriate goal setting. Whether individually or in a group setting, I want to help you uncover your potential.  To learn more about me see About Ann.

My ideal clients seek to:

- Change habits, find a passion or reintegrate current skills in a new way
– Develop leadership potential
– Thoroughly explore personality type
– Understand the impact of emotional intelligence skills
– Scheme on interesting projects and big ideas!

Workshops, Team Building, Presentations, and Webinars

I offer a variety of group coaching/training options. Please contact me via email or call me at 651-483-5310 or 612-670-3019 to discuss how I can meet your needs.  Each offering is custom designed and no two are alike. You can also contact me via this link.

Presenting an all-day workshop on type.

Presenting an all-day workshop on type.

What is Brain-Based Coaching?

Understanding how the brain works has been my passion for 25 years, first as a speech pathologist and now as a ICF certified coach. My hands on experience applying the principles of brain science has helped motivate clients to reach a little higher.  I also use the MBTI Steps I, II, and III, to help you understand your unique personality. In addition, I now offer the EQi and the EQi 360 which can give additional personal insights by revealing how your emotional intelligence affects your work, motivation, communication, and relationships.

This is the Era of the Brain!

You may notice that the brain is a hot topic in the news. That’s because significant findings are discovered almost every day.  It’s important to keep up with this so I regularly attend conferences and read whatever I can to stay current with the newest findings. Please see my Blog and Continuing Education sections to learn more about it!  Would you like to read my article on brain health for Germany’s Smashing Magazine?   You can view it here.

I am also eager to answer your questions and read your insights about the brain, psychological type, coaching, or anything else you would like to discuss.  In fact, I have a special place for this.  Click here to Talk to Me.

What Can the MTBI Step III Tell Me? @ British Association for Psych Type
Mar 19 – Mar 21 all-day

Ann will be presenting Step III case studies at this event.

Emotional Intelligence and the Social Brain Webinar
Mar 30 @ 12:00 pm – 12:45 pm

Ann will be presenting concepts from the book The Social Brain by Matthew Lieberman and will tie these concepts to emotional intelligence.

Midwest ICF Conference @ Kansas City
Jun 18 – Jun 20 all-day

Ann served on the Conference Committee for this event.

APTi Conference @ Miami Hyatt
Jul 22 – Jul 26 all-day

Ann will be managing and executing the Type and Coaching Special Interest Area.