Uncover Your Potential

I am a light-hearted and insightful motivator who helps clients fully leverage their skills and personality. My workshops are fun and engaging with an excellent level of expertise. I am a skilled aggregator who can integrate multiple concepts, making them useful for any client or audience. My previous career working with brain injured individuals gives me a unique understanding of the brain and how to maximize personal potential.  I have worked with individuals, large organizations, government and universities.  As a coach I can help you:
-Develop as a leader
-Thoroughly explore personality type
-Understand the impact of emotional intelligence skills
-Maximize your brainpower
-Build a strong and cohesive team
-Find a purpose/internal driver or reintegrate current skills in a new way

Personal and leadership development is a multi-faceted journey. Let’s work together to help you get to know your most important assets, and learn how to account for any blind spots so that you may become truly effective in all that you do. Please contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation.