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Exercise Your Future Self

The notion of describing and revisiting the future self as a way to achieve goals is well known and a cornerstone of effective coaching practice.    However, what human tendency are we counteracting when we call on the future self to…

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Uncover Your Potential: Sleep. Sleep Well.

As coaching professionals, we are always looking for ways to enhance the process of helping others uncover their personal potential.   We strive to expand the possibilities through visual coaching, body-connected coaching and mindfulness among other methodologies    And yet, we…

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5 Ways To Make Your Goals Easier to Reach

Making your goals easier to reach can be enhanced by keeping a few principles in mind.    In a recent seminar on forming new behaviors, Dr. George F. Koob stated that, "Trying not to do something will make you constantly think…

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The “What the Hell Effect”

It's Halloween time so why not talk about one of the ways an individual can be insidiously derailed from a long term goal.    Let's say your goal is to lose 20 pounds so you decide that you will restrict…

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Willpower as a Key to Goal Attainment

Willpower actually has three faces, according to Kelly Mc Gonigal,  author of the Willpower Instinct.  There is "I Will Power",  "I Won't Power" and "I Want Power."  Every willpower challenge requires doing something difficult, or taking a path that is…

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