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Self-Awareness is Other Awareness

"Self-awareness becomes other awareness when we realize the broader impact of our behavior." Everyday we encounter people who could use a dose of self-awareness.  If we are honest with ourselves,  we will admit we could all use improved self-awareness. It's…

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Understanding MBTI Type: The Personality Puzzle

Understanding personal strengths and cognitive style  is an important part of being effective in our work, relationships, and communication.  There are many tools and instruments that can be used to measure these strengths and preferences.  Some measures, such as the…

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Tapping Into Positive Psychology Using the MBTI

A primary focus of positive psychology is to help people identify and build on their unique strong points. Strengths are built-in capacities for certain thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  Everyone possesses the  full range of  these assets, but the ability to draw…

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MBTI and Personal Branding

Once upon a time, only large companies with deep pockets could afford to effectively market their goods or services.  The internet has changed that and now there are ample opportunities for small companies or even individuals to show up on…

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