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Driving Your Ferrari

Knowing your type can be like getting the keys to a Ferrari- but it's worthless if the keys don't fit the ignition.  Or one just only uses overdrive.  Or the individual gets pulled over by the police and then says,…

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Keeping Your Brain Razor Sharp

My great aunt grew up on a diet of fatty meat, dumplings and potatoes. Vegetables were usually cucumbers doused in bacon grease. She smoked for 80 years and loved her scotch. When she was in her mid-90's, she collapsed at…

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Don’t Wait Forever

There is nothing like a brush with mortality to strike a chord of urgency in a person. What do I mean by urgency?  I mean the indisputable truth that no one lives forever so time should not be wasted.  …

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Emotion: Who Needs to Know About it Anyway?

Emotions are a tricky subject for me.  For much of my life, I have believed what many people have thought about the nature of emotion: that emotions require too much time, they lead to loss of control, and only a…

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When Virtues Are Overdone

Are there any pure assets when it comes to personality?  Or, can certain characteristics that are generally considered to be desirable become a liability?   For instance, can the quest for excellence become paralyzing perfectionism?  Or can there be a…

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