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Waiting Until the Last Minute Has an Upside

Some of us do our best work when the sand in the hour glass is is almost gone.  Jungian typologists use the term pressure-prompted to describe the individual who prefers to pull it together at the last minute.  A new book describes…

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Leadership and the MBTI Step III

Jane Kise has written another fabulous book. In this newest offerring, she melds together emotional intelligence, psychological type, and brain science to help you discover what matters to you and how to resonate with these values. The book begins by…

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ENFPs: The Ultimate Yes And!

There are many reasons why people don't answer the phone.  I am among those who shun ringing phones, but maybe not for the reasons you might expect.  I am not shy nor do see phone calls as an intrusion. It's…

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Can the MBTI Work With Brain Injured Clients?

Imagine contracting encephalitis (brain swelling) from a mosquito bite.  The brain swells resulting in significant  brain damage.  In my former profession as a speech pathologist, I encountered such a client.  She was in her 30's and her memory was deeply…

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MBTI and Personal Branding

Once upon a time, only large companies with deep pockets could afford to effectively market their goods or services.  The internet has changed that and now there are ample opportunities for small companies or even individuals to show up on…

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