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Meditation and the Christmas Tree Brain

The Christmas Tree Brain is my recent blog posting about an asynchronous macro-state of brain activity as measured by an electroencephalogram  (EEG).  It is based on the work of Dr. Dario Nardi.   It is characterized by various brain regions firing at…

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The Blue Zen Brain (INFJ/INTJ)

There are many intriguing findings in The Neuroscience of Personality, Dr. Dario Nardi's book that reveals neural correlates associated with psychological type and personality. The macro or whole brain data are particularly interesting because they describe an overall  brain state.…

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The Christmas Tree Brain

What is a "Christmas Tree Brain?"  Someone who likes to shop? Decorate the house? Take a limo ride to view the holiday lights? Actually, the Christmas Tree Brain is an asynchronous macro-state measured by an electroencephalogram  (EEG).  It is characterized by…

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