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Driving Your Ferrari

Knowing your type can be like getting the keys to a Ferrari- but it's worthless if the keys don't fit the ignition.  Or one just only uses overdrive.  Or the individual gets pulled over by the police and then says,…

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Isn’t It a Diagnosis?

Have you ever taken an assessment tool, such as an emotional intelligence "test"  and were completely shocked, depressed, or mildly annoyed at the results? Or have you taken an assessment tool and had the opposite reaction? "Hey,  I'm pretty well- adjusted,…

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Pinterest and the INFJ Personality Type

A few days ago, I was moping around because all of my holiday company had left, particularly my college age children. One of my daughters is a teacher and an INFJ.  She said to me, "Oh mom, quit dragging around.…

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MBTI Step III: Why Go There?

What is the practical value of the MBTI Step III given that there are so many personality assessment tools on the market, including the MBTI Step I and II?   What is to be gained by using this tool over…

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