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MBTI Step III: Why Go There?

What is the practical value of the MBTI Step III given that there are so many personality assessment tools on the market, including the MBTI Step I and II?   What is to be gained by using this tool over…

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The Importance of Owning Your Goals

This is an article about client- centered goal setting and not about health care. However, spending 25 years in the health care business taught me something about the importance of setting  goals in collaboration with a client. For openers, in…

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Meditation: An Adult “Time-out”

Meditation is often associated with Buddhist monks or beautifully peaceful women on fluffy cushions. Individuals may be uninterested in exploring the benefits of meditation because they cannot relate to the meditative archetype, a transcendent and serene being. Recently, a client…

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Understanding MBTI Type: The Personality Puzzle

Understanding personal strengths and cognitive style  is an important part of being effective in our work, relationships, and communication.  There are many tools and instruments that can be used to measure these strengths and preferences.  Some measures, such as the…

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Tapping Into Positive Psychology Using the MBTI

A primary focus of positive psychology is to help people identify and build on their unique strong points. Strengths are built-in capacities for certain thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  Everyone possesses the  full range of  these assets, but the ability to draw…

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MBTI Step III in a Nutshell

Many people have encountered the MBTI either at work, at a career center, or in counseling.  Several online tests incorporate MBTI principles.  The MBTI I describes the broad strokes of an individual personality with the goal of identifying people with…

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