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A picture of a lightbulb against a dark backdrop to demonstrate how an MBTI Master Practitioner can guide you.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® is a world-renowned interpretive experience. It has empowered professionals to properly tap into their own skillset and personality in order to reach their full potential.

MBTI® Master Practitioner

The MBTI Step I™ describes the broad strokes of an individual personality, while the MBTI Step II™ captures individual differences, or “out of type preferences” among people who have the same basic personality type. These tools can help you:

  • Maximize your focus and performance
  • Clarify your goals and improve motivation
  • Enhance your relationships and communication skills
  • Discover ways to stretch beyond natural type to read the situation and do what is most effective.

There are many useful applications of the MBTI, but there are also some that aren’t. The MBTI tools should expand your self-awareness, not put you in a box. As an MBTI Master Practitioner, I will give you the best experience by enhancing your self-awareness while enabling you to see all of your potential pathways that may not be obvious.

The MBTI Step III™ Assessment & Interpretive Report

All of the MBTI steps are highly valuable, but the MBTI® Step III™ is something special. This tool examines your type development through the lens of your unique background and can only be utilized during a counseling or coaching session in order to properly evaluate your individual results. 

Through analyses and profound discussions with a qualified practitioner, you examine any potential issues and gain a full grasp of your unique type in order to naturally develop your skills and personality.

How I Can Help You With MBTI Step III

How well are you using your MBTI type? As one of the most experienced MBTI Step III practitioners in the world, I provide thorough interpretative experiences to individuals and groups. My experiences include:

  • MBTI Step III Certification and continuing education around MBTI types. There are very few Step III practitioners due to the level of training required to get certified for this unique instrument.
  • Awareness of type nuances to explore your results in a way that will keep individual differences and type development at the forefront of the interpretive session.

We’ll have meaningful conversations that sensitively explore your personal background in order to optimize the results and ensure you get the most out of the experience. You’ll leave our session with the inspiration and motivation to improve your career and your life.

Looking To Work With An MBTI Master Practitioner Or Develop Your MBTI Type With The Step III Tool? Click Here To Schedule A Consultation Today!

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