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Tapping Into Positive Psychology Using the MBTI

A primary focus of positive psychology is to help people identify and build on their unique strong points. Strengths are built-in capacities for certain thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  Everyone possesses the  full range of  these assets, but the ability to draw…

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Cognitive Blind Spots and New Year’s Resolutions

Cognitive blind spots. Everyone has them.  Cognitive blind spots are often manifested as repeated patterns of ineffective behavior or resolutions to change that seem to fall short of the goal.   The nature of blind spots is that one is…

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MBTI Step III in a Nutshell

Many people have encountered the MBTI either at work, at a career center, or in counseling.  Several online tests incorporate MBTI principles.  The MBTI I describes the broad strokes of an individual personality with the goal of identifying people with…

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Update on Mindfulness: Overview and Practical Applications

In June 2009, I completed the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program offered by the University of Minnesota.  This program is a certified version of the one pioneered by Jon-Kabit Zinn at the University of Massachusetts.  The 8-week program consisted of reading…

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MBTI and Personal Branding

Once upon a time, only large companies with deep pockets could afford to effectively market their goods or services.  The internet has changed that and now there are ample opportunities for small companies or even individuals to show up on…

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Using Meditation to Balance Perception and Judgment

Mindfulness, meditation, and  breath awareness.  Is this all a big fad or can you actually gain a cognitive edge from sitting for 15-20 minutes each day focusing on the breath? A recent study published in Science Daily states even after…

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