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The INFJ Bartender

The MBTI is often used as a career counseling tool.  It can be an effective way to explore strengths and blind spots leading to increased clarity around career choice.   It is not meant to be limiting but often the…

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Can the MBTI Work With Brain Injured Clients?

Imagine contracting encephalitis (brain swelling) from a mosquito bite.  The brain swells resulting in significant  brain damage.  In my former profession as a speech pathologist, I encountered such a client.  She was in her 30's and her memory was deeply…

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The Optimism Squares

Frequently, I am asked about the Ann C  Holm/ logo. What do these colorful squares actually mean?  I have heard all kinds of interesting guesses including:  That's a Myers-Briggs table!  It's a Rubric's Cube because you're going to figure me…

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