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Breaking Through Diversity Barriers in Business

Workplace diversity is a particularly relevant topic in business today. Although there are multiple benefits a diversified workforce brings to a company, how these initiatives are actually achieved can be elusive. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with…

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The Art and Science of Understanding People

Why take a personality assessment?  Last week, a couple students asked me that in an interview.  There are many good reasons to take a personality assessment including increased awareness about strengths and blind spots, career development, and understanding and validating…

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Driving Your Ferrari

Knowing your type can be like getting the keys to a Ferrari- but it's worthless if the keys don't fit the ignition.  Or one just only uses overdrive.  Or the individual gets pulled over by the police and then says,…

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Do You Have Reduced Deficit Awareness?

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review  titled Strengths Based Coaching Can Actually Weaken You was timely, given the topic I wanted discuss in my latest blog.  I tiptoed around the topic because strengths based coaching is powerful and it also…

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18 Ways to Maximize Your Brain Potential

I love the new year.  It's an opportunity to do things differently, develop new habits and uncover personal potential.  Starting tomorrow, just about everyone will be back to work or school. What will you change this year? The brain is…

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Emotional Intelligence and Volkswagen

Emotional intelligence is another way of describing and/or measuring habits of the mind. Emotional intelligence skills can be learned by anyone willing to first become self-aware then set goals to strengthen areas of weakness or address competencies that are out…

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