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3 Reasons To Read The Willpower Instinct

The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal is a step-by-step program for setting goals, improving self-control, and making lasting changes.   As a life coach and formerly as a speech pathologist working with brain injured individuals, I have had ample experience observing individuals struggle to meet goals or gather focus.  In fact, self-control or willpower is the backbone for just about anything meaningful that we do.   I have attended workshops and read many books and articles on this topic.  I believe The Willpower Instinct  is one of the best resources available and worthy of your time and attention.

Here are the top 3 reasons to read The Willpower Instinct:

1. It is based on a course that the author taught at Stanford University called, “The Science of Willpower.”    The book has multiple challenges and exercises for the reader to complete.   Anyone who has ever taught a course knows that some exercises get excellent results with students and some exercises flop.  The exercises in this book have been field tested.

2. The book offers an ideal balance of theory,research findings, and practical applications.   As a coach or a student of the mind, you may want to know what underpins these ideas and willpower challenges that the author suggests.   All of these components are masterfully weaved together throughout the book.

3.  The book is readable.  Dr. McGonigal is one of those rare talents that can take complex psychological concepts and relate them with open simplicity and clarity.  You don’t have to be a brain science geek to enjoy this book and yet, as a brain science geek myself, there was plenty to sink my teeth into and be totally satisfied.

In short, I highly recommend The Willpower Instinct. 

If you wish to purchase this book now through, click here.

In upcoming blogs, I will highlight some willpower concepts from this book and other resources.  You can read them here or check out my blog “The Mind Matters” at The Minnesota Coaches Association which is slated to begin sometime in the Summer 2012.

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