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Walk for Thought 2010 Update

The Minnesota Brain Injury Association 2010 Walk for Thought occurred on September 25, 2010 at Como Park in St. Paul.  The theme for this year’s walk was “Sports Concussions.”  Sports concussions are not merely “getting your bell rung” as was previously believed.  It is now known that these brain  injuries are a serious matter and the effect of multiple injuries is not only cumulative but sometimes the ramifications of these injuries present later in life.  Our team, “Big on Brains” raised nearly $1600, exceeding our goal by 60%!  Thank you to everyone who donated and participated.  You only have one brain and it has to serve your needs long after you have left the playing field, the rink, or the court.  In the words of  the Minnesota Vikings All-Pro and Hall of Famer Randall Mc Daniel, the honorary ambassador to this year’s event, “Play hard but play smart.”  (Pictured at the right: Big on Brains Team 2010)

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