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The Optimism Squares

Frequently, I am asked about the Ann C  Holm/ logo. What do these colorful squares actually mean?  I have heard all kinds of interesting guesses including:  That’s a Myers-Briggs table!  It’s a Rubric’s Cube because you’re going to figure me out!   Are they just happy colors?  All of these interpretations are correct.  Moreover,  this group of colors I call the optimism squares is intended to represent the individual beauty that lies within every person.  If you shift your focus from one distinct color to the next, you are likely to find that all of these colors are mood lifting and optimistic. If you allow your eye to take them in as a whole, they still project this positive energy. Together or separately, these colors hold a certain power.  In my mind, human beings project this energy in a similar way even though sometimes individuals may not be aware that this is so.   Life coaching is the act of assisting others in uncovering their unique talents (or “color”) and to provide encouragement, perspective, and accountability as they strive to become all that they are meant to be.    To answer the question, “What do those squares mean?”   The answer is, “Whatever you want them to mean.  There really is no wrong answer.”

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