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Photos From Haiti

I was stunned by the photos and the stories that Mark brought back from Haiti.  I laughed when he told me he slept on a ramshackle reclining chair with mosquito netting over his face (He HATES mosquitoes and bad sleeping arrangements).  I was proud of him when he told me he tried to make each cast a special color and design for his young patients.  I was stunned when I saw the photos of this ruined city.  Instead of uploading photos to, which I learned is not that easy to do, I thought I would provide the direct link to the album on my Facebook page. Click the following link.  The album is titled, “I Wish Haiti Had a Reset Button”

**** Also, thank you to everyone who prayed for him  and who also tried to arrange for  Mark’s safe return when it was looking a little “shakey baba” .  I appreciated the support!

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