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Most of us are using only using a fraction of our talents and gifts.   In addition, we are frequently dissatisfied with with home life, career choices, and relationships but do no know why.  This can lead to burn-out and lack of motivation or a feeling of being “stuck.” is a life coaching website that is dedicated to releasing untapped talents and skills leading to greater competence and personal satisfaction. It is the home of Uncover Your Potential , the life coaching practice of Ann C. Holm. Most of the blogs featured on this website are about  brain science,  psychological type as defined by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI),  and individual preferences as it pertains to effective life coaching.  I also feature blogs about people who have inspired me by embracing a challenge or overcoming an obstacle or who have enlightened me or broadened my horizons in some way.  I feel the best way to find the energy to make changes or unlock hidden talent is through increased self-awareness AND stories about others who have shown the way.

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