“We received rave reviews about your training.  Some were surprised that the training was so much fun!  Your expertise clearly made this training a valuable learning experience.” (Gail Krieg, Minnesota Department of Labor) Workshop


Ann is every inch a masterful coach, but more important, she continually seeks more knowledge to improve her ability to help clients. Our partnership benefits from her commitment to deepening her neuroscience and counseling background, the connections she makes among diverse content areas and applications, and her enthusiasm and drive for creating the most cutting-edge services she can deliver.  (Jane Kise, author and Lead Partner in Intentional Leadership), Leadership Coaching


Ann’s a wonderful MBTI interpreter and coach. Our organization, HIRED, works with clients seeking re-employment, often after being laid-off and uncertain about their employment prospects in the current market. Ann uses the MBTI Step III to identify a client’s job search or career “blind spots” as well as re-energize and refine their search. It’s quite common for these long-term unemployed clients to land jobs within 3-6 weeks after their coaching session. Ann’s a priceless partner in our mission to serve our clients. (Brian Torkkola, Hired)  MBTI Step III/Personal Development Coaching


Ann assess your strengths and weaknesses so she can help you to reach your goals. Having insights into my thinking and behavior has really changed my approach in both my personal and professional life.  Ann’s only agenda is your agenda and she brings lots of intelligence,insights and experience to work for you.  (Joe Lynch, Founder of TheLogisticsofLogistics.com)  Personal Development/Leadership Coaching


I would like people to know about the talents of Ann Holm. I have witnessed her skills at taking MBTI data (whether at the Step I, II or III level) and not only help make sense of it…but to present it in a manner that motivates insight and growth. She has great in-depth knowledge of frameworks to help leaders understand how their personalities represent strengths to make a difference. I am particularly impressed that her style of providing feedback continuously keeps her client involved and does not relegate him/her to a passive role of receiving information. She takes present day information and transforms it into an opportunity for type development. She has the intellectual capacity to help but makes sure that insight turns into plans for behavioral experimentation and leadership growth. If you have the interest to go to your next level of insight into the use of your personality as an instrument for making a difference at work and in relationships, you would benefit from the coaching of Ann Holm.(Gregory E. Huszczo, PhD, Professor of Organizational Behavior and Development, Eastern Michigan University, Author of Tools for Team Excellence, Tools for Team Leadership, and Making a Difference By Being YourselfPersonal Development/Leadership Coaching


I’m so glad I coached with Ann. In a few short months’ time, I went from feeling stuck professionally to a vibrant place where I am growing and living my best life. Working with you helped me to see and explore more options for my life’s work. Your strong intuition and practical insights were always spot on. I love my new calling and feel grateful to be living my life more fully in pursuit of it. Thank you for the excellent coaching that was such an integral part of this growth for me. Your support was, and continues to be, steady and invaluable. (Melissa Paige Deustch), Personal Development Coaching


The two hours we spent together was the most important time I spent during the entire job search process. You put me completely at ease, explained things so well, laughed with me and at me, and most importantly, told me the truth. The two hours just flew by. Maybe it was because you said you were a direct opposite to my I-S-T-J and that allowed you to explain from that 180 degree opposite viewpoint. Or maybe you just have the true talent that can make a session like this enjoyable. Whatever, it worked! (Tomm Johnson) MBTI Step III Analysis


Ann Holm is very informative and engaging as a speaker!  I like her energy and her handouts!  Ann gave great information making the MBTI more powerful and meaningful.  (Feedback from MN ICF speaking engagement, September 2012) As a Speaker

“Ann Czajka Holm is one of those rare personable talents that can take complex psychological concepts and relate them with open simplicity and clarity. She is an expert in her field, and presents her craft in an engaging and down right charming way. In short, she is on point, and the audiences that are fortunate to listen to her, “get it.” As such, it is without hesitation that I would recommend Ann for any speaking or facilitating engagement that she is contacted for, or participates in.” (Stewart Brannen., Cleary University) As a Speaker

Fiery, passionate, intense, and fun are just a few words I use to describe Ann. With her, don’t look for the way things have always been done. Instead, look to Ann for a creative jolt, an interesting angle, or an intellectual sparring match. Because she is an enthusiastic learner, you can see the ideas exploding in her head like fireworks!  As a lifelong student of the human mind, Ann brings a thoughtfully-shaped perspective to interpreting assessment results. She worked with me on my MBTI III report and I walked away with deeper understanding of my approach and reactions to situations in my life. Ever since our session, I’m conscious of choosing my behavior rather than falling into the same old traps and being disappointed with myself.” (Julie Berg, Julieberg.com) MBTI Step III Analysis

Ann combines an extensive knowledge of brain science and testing to provide excellent career and personal insights and coaching. Her services are delivered professionally, quickly, and have a had a positive impact immediately. (Elliot Axelrod, Marketing and Sales Director)  MBTI Step III Analysis

“Ann greatly impressed me with her knowledge of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality inventory and all its facets. She has a unique way of making it understandable and dynamic. I interviewed Ann for an article and she brought the topic to life with stories.” (Marcia Jedd) Special Project

“I was frustrated by the generalizations and stereotyping which I found on other MBTI websites. I then read the INFJ description on Ann Holm’s website and began corresponding with her. I took the official MBTI Form Q that she provided and the result came back as I N F J. However the feedback was far more meaningful than merely saying my type was all mystic and poetic. She provided real insights and recommendations to use in my day to day life. Ann’s feedback and answers to my queries have been invaluable. Ann has always answered my queries even months after I’ve taken the test and her insights are always spot on. I cannot speak highly enough of Ann Holm. Her careful and sensitive insights have been profound.“(Paul J.) Executive Coaching

“I found Ann online when I was looking for someone to guide me in understanding Jungian typology. She was enthusiastic about my project and clearly gave her best to suit my particular needs. She was very thorough in her guidance and answers. She didn’t just give me pat answers she was “trained” to believe, she gave me reasoning and examples. It was clear she thought about her answers and advice and it was obvious she really knew and understood typology.” (Wendi Turner, DC) Special Project

“As a young professional, I have demonstrated that I possess the skills necessary to be successful. I will admit that I was not sure what the MBTI-III would be able to do for me. After the feedback session with Ms. Holm, I am now a firm believer in the value of this tool.I was not surprised to find my Meyers-Briggs type to be ENTP – Extroverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Perceiving. I am fairly predictable in this sense. What Ms. Holm was able to do for me with the step III was to isolate my blind spots and help formulate strategies to make me more productive.” (LT Nguyen, MD.) MBTI Step III Analysis


Other clients include:  

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