The MBTI instruments are based on the psychological type principles identified by Carl Jung and applied by Isabel Briggs and Katherine Myers. There are 3 MBTI instruments:

The MBTI Step I describes the broad strokes of an individual personality. One of the goals of this questionnaire is to identify people who have a similar cognitive make-up. There are 16 basic personality types according to the MBTI system.

The MBTI Step II (Form Q) captures individual differences, or “out of type preferences” among people who have the same basic personality type.

The newly released MBTI Step III is a personalized, point in time assessment that examines how effectively you are using the unique qualities and meeting the developmental challenges of your personality type.  Please see the MBTI Step III link for more blogs and information on this instrument.

The MBTI instruments can help you:

  • Maximize School/Work Performance
  • Clarify Goals/Improve Motivation
  • Enhance Relationships/Communication
  • Reinvent Yourself

**The Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children, a type preference instrument for children grades 2-12, is also offered.   It is based on the same principles as the MBTI.

I am an MBTI Master Practitioner and certified to use the newly released MBTI Step III instrument.
For more information about the MBTI instruments, please see the Blog section.

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