Are You Using Your Potential?

Most of us are using only a fraction of our talents and gifts. In addition, we can be dissatisfied with home life, career choices, and relationships. This can lead to burn-out, lack of motivation, or a feeling stuck.  With self-knowledge, energy is released and new paths and solutions are unveiled.

The MBTI Step III is a personalized road map to begin this journey.  It is a feedback instrument, based on the principles of Jungian psychology as articulated by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.  The MBTI Step III examines how well you are using your strengths as well as meeting the developmental challenges associated with your type.

The MBTI Step III interpretative report uses descriptive statements to promote meaningful discussion between a client and a coach or therapist.

The MBTI Step III can be used to:

  • Clarify Goals/Improve Motivation
  • Reinvent Yourself/Career Insights
  • Build Leadership Skills
  • Enhance Personal Development
  • Enhance Relationships and Communication

MBTI Step III Videos

MBTI Step III Video Series

MBTI Step III:  Are You Using Your Full Potential?  For Clients

Description:   This video gives a quick description of the MBTI Step III followed by a short demonstration of the interpretative session. The client is the ENFP personality type.

MBTI Step III:  Demonstration and Tips for Coaches and Practitioners  For Coaches/Practitioners

Description:  This video provides a demonstration of the MBTI Step III Interpretive Session and offers tips I have used when working with clients.  The client in the video is the ENFP personality type.

MBTI Step III Complete  For Clients/Coaches/Practitioners

Description:  This video is the most comprehensive.  It is for clients, coaches and practitioners who know little or nothing about the MBTI Step III.  The client in this video is the ENFP personality type.

Other Videos

Step III:  A Case Study Step III: A Case Study

Description:  This video is an hour long presentation of a Step III case study, presented to the TC-APT.

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