Coaching can truly help you uncover your potential.  Active listening, encouragement, and insightful feedback are what you can expect from the coaching experience.  It is an investment that tends to pay off long after the work has been done.

Below is my basic fee schedule per session.  These fees might be altered depending on circumstances such as additional prep time required for an engagement and or travel or other expenses.  In all cases, any additional costs will be stated upfront so there are no surprises. At the same time, those who are committed to a longer coaching relationship can receive a coaching package if desired.  I also offer Personal Development or Executive/Leadership Assessment Packages at a negotiated rate.  Please contact me to inquire about group training and workshop rates.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a negotiated rate, don’t hesitate to call.  I can be reached at 651-483-5310.

Transactions are handled through DirectPay, a secure processing site for professionals.  Feel free to visit their site to be assured your payments are secure.

Fee Schedule/Secure Payment:


$125- MBTI Step I Assessment or Type Coach Interactive Assessment and Comprehensive Interpretive Session- What is your verified personality type? What does that mean for me? 

$200 – MBTI Step II and Comprehensive Interpretive Session: How are you different from others who share your personality type?

$275- MBTI Step III and Comprehensive Interpretative Session- What is your personality type?  How are you different from others of your type?  How are you developing and growing in your type?

$225-EQi 2.0 and Comprehensive Interpretive Session- What are your emotional intelligence strengths?  What could be developed?  Are your people skills in balance?

$150- Intentional Leadership Audit and Interpretive Session- What are your leadership priorities?  How well do your strengths address these intentions? What are your potential blind spots?

Individualized Assessment Package (Negotiated Price)- Would you like to integrate several assessments into an overview of your strengths and blind spots?  How does these fit in with your goals?  Please contact me to put together a package that works for you!

Coaching Sessions

$125- 60 minute Coaching Session-  Individual coaching session delivered by phone, Skype or in person.

Individualized Coaching Package (Negotiated Price)- Would you like to commit to a certain number of sessions for yourself and save money?  Please contact me to put together a package that works for you!


Miscellaneous Charges 

**Coaching packages available at a negotiated price.  Please contact Ann to arrange for a package or to process a transaction not listed above.
Please contact me.

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