Personal development and leadership coaching is a growing need in this complex and fast-paced world.  With more people being coached and more coaches available to choose from, picking a coach can be confusing. How do you decide one person is going to be more helpful to your learning and growth over another one?

Selecting a coach that is right for you is a mix of several significant factors:

  • Training:  A coach should be trained by an accredited ICF institution or have a long-standing background in the field
  • Continuing Education: A coach’s commitment to build skills will keep your coaching experience fresh and relevant
  • Certifications:  Most rigorous assessment tools require certification.  Look for these credentials.
  • Satisfied Clients: References and testimonials will provide evidence that your coach gets results.
  • A Commitment to Contribute to the Field of Coaching:  Blogging, presentations, and volunteering allows a coach to share coaching with a broader audience.
  • Chemistry:  Even great coaches aren’t the right coaches for everyone.  Make sure to interview your prospective coach and ask for a sample session.

I invite you to examine my background to see if I might be right for you or your organization.