October 20, 2014

Continuing Education

This is the Era of the Brain!

brainYou may notice that the brain is a hot topic in the news.  That’s because significant findings are discovered almost every day.  It’s important to keep up with this so I regularly attend conferences and read whatever I can to stay current with the newest findings (Please see my Conferences Attended tab for a list of these topics).

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I also invite you to read my Blog and Talk to Me pages on this site.  There are several articles that I have written including book reviews, information from conferences, and practical applications of concepts as they relate to life coaching and uncovering personal potential. You can also find me on my Facebook page where I post articles from other sources that might be of interest.  Topics include brain science, life coaching  the MBTI,  mindfulness/meditation and even some business articles.  Follow me on Twitter or see some of my writing at PersonalityPuzzles.com (New Zealand),  ICF Minnesota, and The International Coaching Federation.

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Want to Learn Even More?

I offer an online bookstore.  Please click here  to see the Recommended Books page.  I have read each of these books and I believe they will help you deepen your knowledge of brain science, positive psychology, mindfulness/meditation, the MBTI, and coaching. There are also some titles on entrepreneurship and the business of life coaching.   The books are offered and shipped through Amazon.com.