General Information 

Are you looking to change your career, find your passion, or engage in personal development? Perhaps you wish to uncover your leadership potential.  My job is to serve your agenda.  Therefore, you decide what you wish to address in any given session.  I will listen, ask questions, and help you find answers that work for you.

I am also an MBTI Master Practitioner with additional certification in the use of the MBTI Step III instrument.  I use these tools in coaching as needed, especially in the intake/consultation phase of the coaching relationship. They can be very helpful in the coaching process. I am also certified in the use of the EQi 2.0 emotional intelligence instrument and a faculty partner in the use of the  Intentional Leadership certification, coaching, and workshop processes.

I also craft workshops and presentations to suit your specific needs.  One of my colleagues once described me as an aggregator, an individual who can take a wealth of knowledge and experiences to create a pertinent experience for any client.  If you have an idea,  let’s talk!

Services are available in person, by phone, Skype (or other internet platform), webinar, and email.   Free consultations and sample sessions are available and can be arranged here.  Please see my Testimonials/References page for more information about my work.

All sessions are confidential.

Overview of Services

  • Individual or Group Coaching Sessions for Personal Development and Leadership
  • Personality insights using the MBTI Assessments Step I, II and the newly released Step III
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment/Coaching
  • Leadership Assessment/Coaching
  • Career insights
  • Speaking & Presentations/Consultation on Special Projects