I offer a variety of assessments and inventories to jumpstart the coaching conversation.  No tool can completely capture who you are,  let alone indicate what you absolutely should be doing.  However, they are effective starting points for productive conversation between a client and a coach.   Here is a list of what we can use:

The MBTI Series

  • The MBTI Step I describes the broad strokes of an individual personality. One of the goals of this questionnaire is to identify people who have a similar cognitive make-up. There are 16 basic personality types according to the MBTI system.
  • The MBTI Step II (Form Q) captures individual differences, or “out of type preferences” among people who have the same basic personality type.
  • The newly released MBTI Step III is a personalized, point in time assessment that examines how effectively you are using the unique qualities and meeting the developmental challenges of your personality type.  Please see the MBTI Step III link for more blogs and information on this instrument.

The EQI 2.0

The EQI 2.0 is an assessment of emotional intelligence.  Emotional intelligence has been shown to be a critical variable in maximizing your skills and cognitive potential.  The EQi can be used for workplace, personal, or leadership development.

Intentional Leadership Audit

Based on the work of Jane Kise,  The Intentional Leadership Audit uses lenses of leadership as a key to personal development as well as leadership development.  What are the specific competencies you need to bring to a role that you will play?  The ILA will help uncover these needs and help an individual identify goals to be effective in that role.

The Type Coach:

TypeCoach:  Based on MBTI/Jungian type, this is an online assessment tool that not only verifies your type but helps you understand the top 5 ways to be most effective in your type and how to get along with other types.  This can either be used in conjunction with the MBTI or as a stand alone tool.